Monday, August 6, 2012

wot's the deal wif duh rain?

Wot's the deal wif the rain. I mean fuck me sideways, its been raining since donkey days. Rain is like snow u know, u like it on the first few days yeh but then if its been week of it... Fck u get sick and tired of it! Can't go out, can't chill wif ur mates, u eat shitty food coz no one wants to go to the market. U get lazy, u sleep some more and u get phet!

Ok so much fo the ranting. Tiome to play some starcraft!! Cheaaa!! Got to practice me mad skillz yeh.

Btw, I was given a ticket to the 'healing' film by a mate. Going to watch it moro coz its shiet scary to go out todayss. Sauce sadsss.

Sir Noms

Wot up guys, its been a while since I last posted here. Tbh, I don't even intend to write here anymore. My flare fo such things have gone elsewhere where the web streams video. Yes, youtube where people can post vlogs. But since I still have some intellectual fans (at least) lol I will keep this account active... Well prolly alive not active.

I have thought of chopping my writting hand and then selling it to ebay. Heyyy, how about my brain, how much do u think will people bid fo it? 1 quid yeh? LOL.

So guys, wot have u been up too aside from living everyday life? LOL. Me? Not much really. Got few walkabouts, constantly getting high naw and then lol jks.

Got a job @ teaching college institute. Just small pay, but why did I take it??? Shiet its fun that's why! I get to learn much too, learn the culture especially the teens and common people (coz I'm duh alien lol jks). I didn't enjoy my teenage years coz I have a bitch gf back then, so I guess I'm happy to see that I can easily share my thoughts about living free and keeping responsibly whilst on teenage moment to my students. I envy them actually, COZ THEY HAVE AN AWESOME TEACHER LIKE ME LOL. During highschool and college teachers like me are rare meyn. Either u'll get a super terror one or the shiet rubbish one lol (no disrespect just fo reals bro). So my advice to students: take advantage of the opportunity when u have a smart and very hardworking teacher like sir Noms. BITCHES! I WANT MY STARBUCKS WATING ON MY DESK EVERYTIME I ENTER THE CLASSROOM ALRITE!!! Lol jks jks jks.

I love my students. Being an educator is a hell of a job. Its noble. That's why I'm called SIRE NOMS coz I'm a noble man (lol wtf?). Anyways, I hope that my students will aim high even if it seems miles away like the moon. Don't forget the perseverance of Son Goku in finding the 7 orange balls. He did it fo his bestfriend Krillin to be brought back to life. WTF am I talking about? Lol. My point is just work hard, study hard and obviously u know wots going to happen next, SUCCESS! CHOWMUTHAFUCKAS! Gg man gg!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Its been a year...

Wot up gee... Its been a year already since I last posted here lol. I don't treat this a very popular blog anyway.

Well, just for the sake of it, here are some of the updates:
•I have collected the seven orange balls from China and wished to be urban sexy already. So naw I'm even urban sexier than ever.
Boying skills got better to the point I don't enjoy anymore.
Hmmm... Love? Still no comment. lolloololo
•Been through 30 different hairstyles. (well, maybe 10 only)
•Didn't gain nor lost weight. I gain every week then lose the following week too. lol
•Switched lights.
•Switched companies.
•Switched gir........................................... girdles for men.
•Drank proly 1000 liters of alcohol. lol jks
•Etc.... etc...

So many updates. But the most epic one would be, BETTER NOMS. lol jks

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Nomi nomi nei

have us seen "10 things i hate about you"?
a must see film man espacially if your with ur girlfriend.

10 things i hate about noms:

1. "i hate he's religion"
-im not religious but im spiritual. yes i do belong to a church.
2. "i hate that he's a smoker"
-its a bad habit i know
3. "i hate the way he cuts his hair"
-i look silly
4. "i hate the fact that he's always right"
-i commit mistakes too and im very sinful you know.
5. he's short tempered
-i can get pissed easily but im very jolly.
6. "i hate when he's being matured"
-sometimes i take things seriously... jokes
7. "i hate when he's not texting me"
8. "i hate when i cant call him"
9. "i hate when he doesnt come by my area"
10. "i hate when he hates me"

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

OMB! (oh my budda)

Digging my face to this table and numerous yawns are some attempts to escape boredom. Accumulating more of this listless weather just makes you want to burrow under your blanket longer than usual. And when i say longer than usual it really means twice than your standards. But it doesn’t end there. If you can quickly go to sleep like the confident Hatton when Paquiao KO’d him then good for you mate. But what if Hatton has insomnia like me? If you have insomnia you are not really asleep and you are not really awake, you are then somewhere in between. And believe me its bloody tough. In addition to this escalating trip to trance - i am religiously spending my breaks smoking. A trip to the smoking area gives me more excitement than sitting in lovely comfy chair while in operational mode. Imagine more if i reached the place and starts working on my smoke rings and mouth to nose smoke cycles. Perfect. Work doesn’t instigate good reasons to stay awake. More so it gives a rare opportunity to be rigid bored. I’m sleepy and when i have the chance to do so, effin hell i can’t!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


i was surprised to know that there are some of my colleagues who like cosplays too. i like cosplay too and i like dressing up and styling my hair. here are some of my futus. please ready your puke bags!